Chef Gianni

Born in a family fond of cooking, Chef Gianni already loved the culinary world since childhood. His home kitchen in Napoli Italy was the witness of his early pace in the culinary world.

The love for food he earned from his mother and grandmother allowed his to learn cooking in every aspect and decided on cooking as a profession. Coming from Napoli, Italy, and surrounded by fine food his entire life has made his love for food grow stronger at an early age.

He came to Miami Beach and became the founder of Best Private Chef. He grew to be well known in both Palm Beach and Miami; evident from the numerous events and parties he has done. Chef Gianni is one of the best, who is also a Napoli Italy personality.

Weekly Chef

Are you too busy or tired to cook healthy delicious meals?

Whether you are a young mom balancing busy schedules or a jet-setting professional just looking for flavorful convenience, do the cooking for you!

Corporate Partners

Employee perks that are delicious

We collaborate with culture-driven companies to provide delicious and healthy team lunches, events, and employee benefit packages.

Chef Gianni